Anthony Bourdain

This morning I woke up bright and early, excited that today is Friday, and ready to jump onto my site and write a blog about music, since I had not done so in quite some time.  To my astonishment and utter grief, however, I instead awoke to find out that Anthony Bourdain had taken his... Continue Reading →

Nobel for Trump? I don’t think so.

It amazes me to no end that despite the continual lies (3000+ according to the Washington Post), and the extremely tangled web that this president has weaved given the scandals and the collusion investigation, that some Republicans are pressing for this man to receive the Nobel Peace prize.  Really? How far low does this country... Continue Reading →

Witch Hunt

I thought that headline might grab your attention. Obviously, you are reading this, so it worked.  These words, usually in all caps with multiple exclamation points such as "A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!!", have dominated a certain oval office occupant's twitter feed for months now, most recently at 4AM this morning.  But is it in fact... Continue Reading →

Yes… It CAN be done!

I was reading the news today, about how a billionaire by the name of Isaac Larian and a couple of other investors are pledging $200 million to try to save around 400 of the remaining Toys "R" Us stores.  According to Larian, "This is an American icon that needs to be saved."  Apparently they have... Continue Reading →

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