If you are here about my music, please visit my music site at www.zachbairmusic.com.  🙂   Otherwise, read on!

My name is Zach Bair.  I’m what you would call a serial entrepreneur, and a musician/songwriter/recording artist.   I love creating stuff – everything from technology, which I have been involved in most of my life, to music (also true).  I’m the CEO of VNUE (www.vnue.com) and also of DiscLive Network (www.disclive.net), two companies dedicated to bringing revenue to musical artists and helping to protect their rights.  I am a lifelong technologist.  A true nerd.  I’ve worked for all kinds of amazing companies in various roles, such as American Airlines/Sabre, Sprint, Nortel, Marathon Oil, and others, including EDS as a management consultant.  I have started multiple companies, including Voyence, which sold to EMC Corporation, and Immediatek, which sold to Mark Cuban.  I also started RockHouse Live Media Productions, Inc., which owns the DiscLive Network brand (above), and that company is still in operation.  I have been working in the music business now (tech focused) since 2002, a the CEO level.

For musicheads, I am lead vocalist and primary songwriter of my band, the Zach Bair Band, featuring Jeff Cobble, formerly of Seventh Sundown and Medieval Steel, and Daniel Dwight, formerly of Saving Abel and Ingram Hill; and Chris Cook, who is still recording as the drummer with Medieval Steel.    You can visit my music site here:  www.zachbairmusic.com.  I write upbeat, rocking songs, most of which have positive messages, and some ballads too (hey, I’m a pisces!)

I am interested – fascinated, in fact – by many different things.  So it is highly likely you will read about many different topics on this blog, and I do hope you will check out my music if you have a chance.  And yes, I do occasionally rant.  And should I, and if you decide to comment, please keep it civil or you will get a big fat delete.

If you are interested you can check out my music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and many others.  If you like it, please buy or stream and help support original music!

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