Yes… It CAN be done!

I was reading the news today, about how a billionaire by the name of Isaac Larian and a couple of other investors are pledging $200 million to try to save around 400 of the remaining Toys "R" Us stores.  According to Larian, "This is an American icon that needs to be saved."  Apparently they have... Continue Reading →

Lack of Transparency in the PROs – Exemplified

(Originally posted at No doubt anyone in the music industry who has anything to do with writing or publishing songs, and/or performing them, has heard of the issues that have cropped up in regard to ASCAP's "premium payments".  These payments, supposedly, are paid to songwriters to reflect the importance to ASCAP's repertory that achieve... Continue Reading →

Opioids and Futures Lost

This morning, as I usually do before I start my day, I was perusing my FaceBook feed.  One of the first things that popped up was the image of a beautiful young woman, obviously a "car selfie."  With big eyes, long brown hair, and a smattering of lipstick, the photo would make anyone take pause... Continue Reading →

The Cover Up of All Cover Ups

For anyone who is not apprised of the continuing saga of the mass exodus and continued chaos in the Trump administration, let's just say you are living in a deep, dark cave.   Not only has this administration displayed complete disregard for the law (multiple instances), it continues in every way possible to undermine the very... Continue Reading →

School Walkouts

It is about time that real change starts to take place in this country in regard to gun violence.  I applaud these young people who actually have the balls to get up and try to do something about it.  After years and years of politicians only playing ball to the tune of money, it seems... Continue Reading →

Gumption, Ambition and the Music Business

(Originally published on the Music Think Tank, 27 Sep 2017) I’ve been lucky enough to run several successful businesses. VNUE, along with its partner DiscLive, has grown to be the global leader in recording live concerts and releasing them in high quality to fans on limited edition CD sets and USB drives, immediately after their performance. We’ve worked with... Continue Reading →

Making Live Music Fun and Fair

Originally published in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, 9 Mar 2018. Memphis is a music city with a rich musical heritage. With Beale Street and the wide assortment of music venues across the metro area, on any given night you can find just about any kind of live music that you want. But did you know... Continue Reading →

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