School Walkouts

It is about time that real change starts to take place in this country in regard to gun violence.  I applaud these young people who actually have the balls to get up and try to do something about it.  After years and years of politicians only playing ball to the tune of money, it seems that it will take these kids to facilitate real change.  It is long overdue and maybe they can force change where reasonable adults across the country have not been able to get their message through to their representatives.  Doubtful, however – because so many if not the vast majority of American politicians simply ignore their constituents in favor of placating organizations such as the NRA.

This should be a wake up call.  If you don’t start listening to your constituents, you are are simply going to get voted out.  And if not by the current, polarized and ridiculous state of American politics, which fails to heed the very basic calls for reason and common sense, then certainly you will be a goner when these kids are able to vote.  And I for one cannot wait for that day.

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