The Cover Up of All Cover Ups

For anyone who is not apprised of the continuing saga of the mass exodus and continued chaos in the Trump administration, let’s just say you are living in a deep, dark cave.   Not only has this administration displayed complete disregard for the law (multiple instances), it continues in every way possible to undermine the very real, and very important, Special Counsel investigation.

The latest such example of this, of course, is the firing of Andrew McCabe, former Deputy Director of the FBI, just shy of his retirement – literally 26 hours.  When taken by itself, the act of firing a career FBI man with a stellar career before he is able to collect his pension is at least distasteful and petty.  However, when taken in context with all of the other cases of obvious obstruction, the matter becomes far more serious.  There is a deep labyrinth of murky dealings that have not made it to the public eye and which reek of illegality.  But one thing is clear:

Even novice investigators, with little or no formal training, can see how all of this combines into a huge pot of “Cover Up Stew”.

There’s no way around it.  Common sense dictates that the Boys Club that is the current White House is so desperate to mislead, cover up, discredit and obstruct any and all investigations into their conduct, that they will go to almost any means to take the microscope lens off of their activities.  It is a club of money, wealth, power, and greed.

There is more corruption in this White House than I have witnessed in my entire adult life.  Already, a number of Trump associates, and former cabinet members, have plead guilty to various charges, which is irrefutable evidence that the ongoing investigations are not a “witch hunt” as it is so often referred to, but rather an indicator that, in fact, there is something nefarious going on.

For a large part of the general populous – including the Republican party – to blindly deny this, and in some cases be complicit (hello, Devin Nunes), absolutely boggles the mind.

I am fully confident that the biggest scandal since Watergate is emerging right before our eyes.  The difference then is that there were people in Congress that actually worked together and understood that the democracy that the US is all about was on the verge of being compromised.

Now, we have a bunch of idealists, and far right-wingers (some guilty on the left too), who seems to behave like “fan boys”, willing to go along with whatever is thrown at them, even gleefully.  This is a sad day indeed.

Oh, and lets not forget about Stormy Daniels.  This scandal has already reached proportions that far overshadow the famous “blue dress” episode with Bill Clinton.  In fact, it is far worse, and yet, no one has stepped up to say that the conduct of the President, combined with all of the other issues, is not worthy of impeachment.  It blows my mind.   I absolutely believe this woman, and the documents that are surfacing certainly make her credible.

And to further that point was the fact that Trump actually put his name, for the first time in public, on the answer to the suit and the request for a change of venue, reported just today.  Right net to his alias “David Dennison”.  Why would a guy who supposedly “doesn’t know” this woman and never had anything to do with her, be so eager to quash the lawsuit and threaten over $20M in damages?  Does this sound like an innocent person?  It reeks.

The point is that the conduct of denying, lying, covering up, and absolutely terrible behavior continues.  When is it going to stop?  What is it going to take for people to wake up and see what is happening to our country and to our democracy?  I’ve personally voted both on the Republican side of the house, as well as Democratic.  I vote for the right person for the job.  And what I am seeing now makes me sick to my stomach.

Any deniers out there that really think there is nothing going on and that Mueller’s investigation is the aforementioned witch hunt, well, you have another thing coming.   It is only going to get more ridiculous, and worse, but my question is when is the rest of our government going to wake up from this embarrassing, unprecedented attack on our democracy, and do something about it before it is too late?

Andy McCabe, Stormy Daniels, James Comey, and who else?  These folks are going to help uncover the Cover Up, I have no doubt.

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