Nobel for Trump? I don’t think so.

It amazes me to no end that despite the continual lies (3000+ according to the Washington Post), and the extremely tangled web that this president has weaved given the scandals and the collusion investigation, that some Republicans are pressing for this man to receive the Nobel Peace prize.  Really?

How far low does this country have to fall before people actually get a clue.  Or get out of their bubble.

Let me put it in clear terms.  It is no coincidence that Kim Jong Un was spotted on a train in Beijing shortly before this miraculous thaw in relations that Trump is attempting to take credit for (of course).  Do any reasonable people believe that this was actually a voluntary visit for Kim?  The answer of course is that it was not, in fact, voluntary.  President Xi Jinping no doubt summoned Kim to Beijing, amidst the last year’s ramping up of all things nuclear, and the increased rhetoric.

I’m going to guess how it went:

Xi: “You are out of control.  Wind it down immediately or we are going to close your borders and cut you off entirely, and if that doesn’t work, we will remove you from power.”

Kim:  “Yes, sir.”

And that’s pretty much how that went.

China is North Korea’s biggest trade partner.  And with every other country in the world recognizing that the DPRK has been out of control, Xi wisely took a hard line to correct the issue.  And it worked.

This has little or nothing to do with Trump.  It has everything to do with China not wanting a crazy dictator in an isolated country blowing up nukes just a few kilometers from its border.  And not only that, causing an entire mountain to collapse.

So all you people who really think Trump had anything to do with this at all, please recalibrate your thinking and give credit to where credit is due:  Xi Jinping.  But that likely won’t happen, sadly, because many people are either blind to the disaster that is continuing to unfold in the Trump White House, or simply choose to overlook it, along with the serious threat to democracy – not from the Russians (at least not completely) – but from within our own extremest factions in government.

Yes, a constitutional crisis is looming.


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