Note to VNUE Shareholders 4/19/22

VNUE shareholders… I LOVE you guys – truly I do ❤️ – and I appreciate your love of this company and exuberant support of me and my colleagues…. and as much as I appreciate direct messages that land in my various inboxes, you know I cannot answer those due to SEC regulations. I wish I could!

That said, I think it is important for you to please remember my mantra that I have lived by since I took the helm in 2016: Rome is not built in a day. This is a long term play – and I won’t release news that isn’t “real”. We are not a typical OTC company that tries to pump its price by putting out BS. I do not read the message boards. We are a REAL company, with a bunch of passionate techies and music guys, who are out to make a difference in the world. And that folks is really hard work. I also know a lot of you like when I do videos or Q and A’s. The fact that I have NOT done one in a while is not because I have not wanted to – it is because we have been very, very hard at work on a number of initiatives. I will plan on one in the near future, probably an actual interview.

By the way – those of you who may comment publicly now and then on my music (which I do notice), I would like to make clear that I’ve been playing music for a very long time, and it is an indelible part of my life. I have actively played through every startup and company I have been involved with. I’ve been playing some form of music since I was six years old. It is the way I release stress, and remember where the joy is of playing music and making people feel good (hopefully) and touching folks in a positive way. This also helps me to recalibrate and push harder for VNUE. My life is ALL about music! It is one reason that I personally have a good grasp of what artists really need and want in an industry that is traditionally predatory toward musicians.

So, to discuss VNUE, again, our long-term play is evidenced by the fact that 2021 was the best year ever for us (so far since I took over in 2016) and 2022 is already set up to be even better than that!
Here are a few general facts to that effect:

  • Our convertible debt is at a record low. Our overall debt is low.
  • We posted a $2.9mm profit for 2021 mainly because of my ability and persistence to reduce that debt and get rid of deliverables. While not cash, the balance sheet is WAY better!
  • Soundstr is the best it has ever been, exceeding even our own expectations. Our outreach has started to be more aggressive now that we crossed a few important thresholds.
  • StageIt is already 100% incorporated into VNUE. Those revenues are flowing into VNUE and will be reflected in our next Q. Currently NON-audited revenues are around 200K a month give or take – which is double what VNUE brought in during the entire year of 2021.
  • We have already implemented measures that ensure StageIt is at minimum, break even, although I think our numbers will be better than expected once we really get our groove.
  • We have a plan to bring a bunch of known artists onto the platform, while providing great service to existing artists on the platform and restoring confidence that some had lost prior to the acquisition.
  • We have plans to integrate Soundstr,, and StageIt, so that we can track music in real time for those utilizing our services, regardless of the source (which extends obviously to radio, venues, online radio, and much more).
  • We have an awesome investment bank working with us.
  • We have a bunch of deals in the works – sorry I can’t say more about that yet. But – I think I can say this – if you think VNUE is going to stop at one meaningful acquisition, think again. That much I CAN say. And I think you should agree with me, StageIt is a pivotal moment in the history of VNUE.

****My personal opinion – not that of VNUE or our board – is that I love this company, and love what we are doing. It has been a struggle sometimes, but anything you believe in can be a challenge. We have come a long, long way. I believe you will see things start to accelerate. We are getting our legs, and we will get our wings soon – and after that, our warp drive engines! Obviously I have seen some pressure on the stock. It is unfortunate that some folks want to sell – but let them. That means people who believe in the company and our path will pick it up, and in my mind, those are the folks we want in our camp.

Again – much love and appreciation to you!


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